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Truly great bread.

Using organic and locally sourced ingredients, we create unique and rustic artisan breads for true bread lovers. These are toothy and chewy, yet tender and moist. Toasted, sandwiched, or just bitten off of the loaf, there is no wrong way to enjoy a BreadLove bread.

Our offerings include country loaves, sourdough breads,  Olivia's chocolate pear bread, Beth's Birdseed Bread with seed crumble,  SALTY sticks (our version of a tender baguette), cinnamon rolls, pocket breads and focaccias.

You can find BreadLove weekly  at our beautiful brick & mortar in Downtown St Albert. 


Great flours
make great bread.


It has been extremely important to me to find the most authentic and quality ingredients for Breadlove bread, while supporting local farmers and businesses. 

Gold Forest Grains  produce and grind small batch, stone milled ancient grain flours which go into our pizza dough, whole wheat loaves, and sourdough bread. These farmers take a holistic and intentional approach to their craft, caring deeply for the health of their soil, engaging in organic farming practices, and honouring the grain through their milling practices. You can truly taste the difference. 


New Scottish Mills produces the flour for many of our breads . A family owned and operated business, they believe that living well includes your mental and emotional health as well as your physical. They are a community and cause minded business, that cares deeply for our planet as well, evident through sustainable and organic farming practices, eco friendly packaging, and waste reduction strategies.

Share the love of breadmaking.


I'm happy to welcome you  to the store and send you on your way with a basketful of BreadLove bread. However, if you want to take your enjoyment of bread one step further, sign up for a class and learn how to make it yourself! 


These classes are great for a night with friends, teambuilding with colleagues, or as a chance to meet some new people. 


Breadmaking classes have resumed with reduced class sizes for an intensive class, our goal for the class is that when you leave you have the tools to make a great loaf of bread,

I hope to see you there!

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